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Factory direct

Our factory is located in Central China’s Anhui Province.  The cost of manufacturing in central China is significantly lower when compared to China’s East Coast cities (where many of its factories are located).  Our factory is also located in a special economic zone.  Both of these factors allow us to deliver a more competitively priced product to market.

But it is not all about cost savings.  Our senior management team has over 15 years experience in the manufacture of quality bulk bags.  With over 120 emplyees, 8 senior design engineers among them, maintaining strict quality control is one of our main priorities (insert quality fact).  ALL our products are made with 100% virgin plastic material.  Goodmax will never use refined or recycled material which can severely diminish the quality of the bag.

Finally, being factory direct means that we can oversee the supply line from start to finish.  We take full ownership of the sourcing process and work hard to instill confidence in our customers every step of the way.

Take a look at some of our processes below:

Thread Drawing

Lifting Loop/Belt Making

Bag Sewing

Quality Test