Patio Planter Bag

We produce  easy-to-use patio planter bags that allow people to grow their own delicious crops whether or not they have a garden. The  easy-to-use patio planter bag could grow vegetables such as potato, tomato, bean, lettuce and berries just like strawberry etc. Moreover, this bag is especially suitable for patios and other small places. Each of our easy-to-use patio planter bags could be reused, well drained and you don’t need to dig it.

Potato Grow Bags

Now, even you don’t have a garden, you could eat fresh, delicious and self-grown potatoes. Just on patios, balconies, or in small gardens, you can now grow potatoes in our Potato Grow Bags. The base is designed of a colored and tough polyethylene with drainage holes as well as handles on the bag, which allows you to grow potatoes wherever you want and without needing a garden.

Tomato Grow Bags

There is no longer need for you to go out buying tomatoes. Now, just on your patios, balconies, or in your small garden, you could grow your own fresh tomatoes. This bag is designed with tough polyethylene and drainage holes as well as reinforced handles, which allow you to grow fresh tomatoes. Furthermore, you can easily move the bags wherever you want without requiring a garden.

Strawberry Grow Bags

No need buying outside or requiring a garden, now, you can enjoy your own home-grown and fresh strawberries. Round base design makes the bag not only beautiful but also durable; there is 7 drainage holes around the body and base, plus our 8 pockets around the bag body, which allows the branch to stretch until a good size. Furthermore, with 2 reinforced handles, it’s easier for you to move the bag. So, what are you waiting for? It’s never been so easy to save space in order to have your own-grown strawberries. And just on your patios, balconies, or in your small garden!

Carrot Grow Bags

Our Grow Bags are designed to make full use of space for growing and harvesting, including the Carrot Grow Bag. There is sufficient room for carrots growing long and straight enough. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can use this bag to harvest plenty and fresh carrots whenever you want to cook. It has never been so easy to save space for growing carrots.

Vegetable Grow Bags

It’s now easy to grow your own salad with our Salad Grown Bags. We designed this bag especially for using on balconies, patios, and in small gardens. Easy to use and move, it allows you to get a tasteful harvest.

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